Wet afternoon by the fire...

Thursday, 9 May 2013

My last blanket is already keeping us warm... I was a very good girl and sewed in all the ends while on holiday. So the back is now as smart as the front.

And Im enjoying this spotted square so much that the next one is already underway! I have some new colours coming today... naughty wool buying. Soft grey, seaside blue, turquoise and geranium red! So the next one will have the background in a really eye popping bright. Yum!

Having great fun getting to know my new gizmo. Ive called him Swypee because thats what you have to do with him! Ive bought him as a sim free smart phone to use wirelessly at home for work and play. It means I can keep up to date with my blog, facebook, tumblr etc without spending anymore time than before! PLUS I get to join instagram now too! I may be on the verge of becoming a nerd... 
can I still knit then?

Back to work with a vengeance! First batch of 8 is nearing completion so pictures soon!

Ren x


  1. I love your blanket! Looking forward to seeing your new one xxx

  2. I'm enjoying my latest blanket too in this cold weather today! I sewed my ends in at the end of each colour as I went along and by golly I'm so very glad I did! ;)
    I'm looking forward to seeing your new woollen treats!xx

  3. Instagram is excellent, looking forward to seeing yours!

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