Drowning in a sea of purple...

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

I don't think it's just me, but my goodness, does'nt it get you down wearing Winter clothes for 18 months! Because the weather has been so bad, thats how long it feels! I think I maybe took my vest off for a week in July...
I rebelled... I cast off my chocolate brown and teal and searched for poppy red!!!

I even turfed out my Summer slip on's...

And on the work front... I am literally drowning in purple leather! The VIOLET colour reminds me of Cadbury's chocolate wrappers so its ever so distracting...

Its rather nice though! Ive cut some bags in it too...

Lots of MOONSHINEs too...

And this is what my workshop looks like today! Small hills of marked up leather ready to cut out. Alongside this weeks batch of shoe orders Ive marked piles of new bags! Im amassing a big pile ready for a 'stitch out'!  Sounds a nightmare I know, but actually I find it really great fun making a mini production line on the work table. I know, thats not normal!!

And super excited to have actually cut a new bag style which I cant wait to share with you all. She is based on CLEMMIE so very much a vintage vibe in there, but she is bigger... she will be called MAY, so do look out for the first one coming soon!

Now then, I must cheer up this grey, foggy, damp day by cutting into that rainbow on the worktable...

Ren x


  1. Ren can't wait to see your new bag i may have to get another jar to save for a big bag as a mum of two and part time student need a big bag. Any excuse aye!

  2. These colors really make me feel happy...in New York we've been treated to a few summery days, but you can tell by the lack of bright colors people are being cautiously optimistic!

  3. Beautiful photos! I love seeing your work in progress. I hope one day to be able to make beautiful shoes from scratch too

  4. I love to see your gorgeous outfits! As for that sea of purpleness....oh my goodness, what can I say??! I would love to be a fly on your wall while you were cutting out all those purpley goodies!xx

  5. I love that purple!!!! :)

  6. ...ooooooooooooooooooOoh! ~ 'tis mega deliciousness going on in thine playroom! ~ blessed be!...(0: