Swirly Moonshine March Magic...

Thursday, 14 March 2013

My latest blanket has reached double bed size and has left the hook! Once Ive stitched in all the working ends on the back, it will be complete and I shall unviel it. Im so pleased with how its turned out... In fact Im so pleased with this bordered dot design, Ive already started the next one! But this time Im working the borders in black and not in cream.

Spring is springing here in Fennel and Wren Land, despite sub zero temperatures. I have hopes of warmer weather to follow, with blossom close behind...

My workshop makeover is almost complete, so look out for that on the next post!

Take care all, Ren x

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  1. Beautiful shoes as ever! I'm crocheting a blanket that's about single bed size at the moment, lovely and warm on my knees while I crochet! I want it to be double bed size so I've a way to go yet. I hate sewing the ends in so what I'm doing this time is sewing in as I go! xx