Preparing for Christmas...

Tuesday, 11 December 2012

I bought a jelly roll of felt at the scrapstore and cut piles of little squares, very roughly, no measuring... keep it simple...

I just sewed, and sewed, and sewed, and before long it was at least 20 foot long and covered a fair bit of ceiling! Perfect!

Its cold enough for my front porch to be filled with vegetables from the wholesale green grocers. Local root vegetables are in season now so its wonderful to be able to buy them in bulk. Love this time of year for that alone!

Brambley apples... no words needed...

Littlest has been experimenting with hot chocolate presentation... we havent minded... funny that!

We went to a fair to try to raise money for Cancer Research...

Littlest made the Christmas tree from Mollie Makes Christmas book. Isnt it splendid.

It decorated her stall, full of her handmade cards, all painstakingly cut out with tiny scissors...

There has been much firewood being burnt and woollen jumpers worn this past week...

Generally Ive had at least 6 layers on! Undressing has been like a pass the parcel game!

Christmas approaches fast, hope everyones preparations are going well?
Stay warm and dry, Ren x


  1. You have just inspired me with your lovely felt garland, I need something for Stephens bday on Thursday, I have lots of felt and other fabric scraps! Thank you.
    Your display of fruit and veg is making me envious. I love living in Iceland, but the fruit and veg here is atrocious! Haha you can buy "large potato" or small ones :-/ We haven't got scurvy yet though.
    Littlest's hot chocolate looks delicious and your cups are very cute!
    Take care in the cold,

  2. Happy birthday Stephen! Wishing you carrots and parsnips and all good things for Christmas Karen x

  3. A lovely post! Your little ones are so talented, just like their mum. That's a great idea for christmas bunting. I have a pile of coloured felt waiting for their moment of glory in the corner of my sitting room. I wish I'd thought of that idea! :)
    Jess x

  4. Another enchanted post! Happy Holidays Ren!