Latest hatching...

Thursday, 11 October 2012

These have been ready for a few days but without the trusty internet to show you... they have remained unseen...

I don't think I will be doing Moths again! What a fidget! The customer would like extra leather Moths at the tops of these boots, so these aren't quite finished yet. Hopefully tomorrow.

They are rather fine though! Custom MOONSHINES are available here.

Toffee HOMILYs. I make lots of this style in this particular colourway, ever popular.

These were little beauties! HOMILY again, but with a dappled copper front bar and button. Available here...

And last but not least... TULIPs in pink dragon with an imp toe this time! These are available here...

In the workshop...
Much doing on the workshop front in Fairysteps Land. Another 12 pairs are on the worktable in various states of nearly finished! Hopefully, I will have another batch of 4 finished and photographed to share this weekend. Our customers really do pick some stunning combinations, its a joy to make them, and always exciting to see the shoes coming together!
It feels especially good to be catching up because I have been itching to get some accessories cut and sewn for the shop! So many requests for bags and clutches. 

In the home...
We had a family birthday today which involved the usual tea party feasting that our birthdays here always do! It was wonderful indeed. Three generations making memories to pass down to the ones that follow...

Having been without internet connection for over 3 weeks, I can only say that having it restored yesterday was sheer heaven. I have literally been going to pieces over chasing engineers to mend the fault. Nightmare doesn't come near it! And its odd really, because I really am a bit of a backwoods type of girl at heart, professing to embrace the old and the un-technical, simple side of life... and I really do appreciate simplicity... BUT, it made me realise that actually access to this technology, whenever I wanted it, was partly what made me, me! Having an online shop allows me to lead a simple, self sustaining, self reliant existence. Take that away and I would have to drive miles and miles everyday to find work. Yes indeed dear readers, Ive had quite a revelation, and some interesting conversations with myself over this I can tell you!

And on a more sane note... Ive done piles of knitting! My new jacob cardi is all but finished, a new cosy neck cowl is designed and made, and a berry red ESME ready for the shop.

Im treating myself to an afternoon off tomorrow, I shall be drinking quantities of hot tea in my best friends shed and nattering to my hearts content (and not to myself for a change...)! Talking of shed... Mr Fs barn roof is on and sealed! He starts the cladding rails this weekend.

Now then... its time for bed!


  1. Gorgeous boots! have a wonderful afternoon off :)

    Bee happy x

  2. Brava!!! Le tue scarpe sono bellissime!!!! A presto Sammy

  3. The boots are lovely. Your blog is such a joy to read and look at. I am glad the internet is working again- i for one missed the regular pictures and updates. Have a lovely afternoon off xx