The last 7 days...

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Poppies continue to close their head and the spirea is turning frothy pink everywhere...

Mr F is doing a one man barn raising... and as of tonight has managed to get the full set of A frames and posts up, all in just over a week. What a hard working man... Mrs F is super dooper proud and chuffed as punch for him!

Sorry... but we are having more poppy heads...

The skies are threatening again tonight. We had such a bad storm a few nights ago that the whole house was shaking for 2 hours! Terrifying!

Lots of these huge wood wasps have helped with the shed. One of them stuck her ovipositor (thats the spike at the back which she uses to drill holes in wood and lay her eggs through), into Mr Fs left buttock... he was not a happy chappy as you can imagine! A delicate operation was called for which involved very careful removal of the spike... Ouch! These arent nasty wasps, they are huge though and at over an inch long seems scary, but they arent. I can only assume that Mr F has been building the barn for so long that they thought he was actually a piece of timber... I felt very sorry for the poor wood wasp because her egg laying days were now over.

We had a picnic lunch here with the brood and spent most of the time shooing pipkin and hazel away with the flies...

I had my first garden bath under a starry sky for over a year... long overdue!

It was dimpsy and inky blue as we headed up through the meadow to the bath with our towels tucked under our arms...

I made jam thumb prints and chocolate muffins, coconut and mango muffins and vanilla sponge buns...

We had homemade bread...

I finished a huge pile of small bags from the 'ready to sew' mountain.

We had another huge tea spread...

I started the third section of my new blanket! Three quarters of the way to the finish line now!
And Sunday was spent weeding young trees and the garden all day long in hot sunshine...  and painting the french doors of my workroom dove white...

Im still aching...

And now Ive looked at all of the images from the past 7 days, I can see why!

Ren x


  1. Stunning! Your life is simply stunning!

    How handy I wish I were--couldn't imagine building a barn, much less hammering two pieces of wood together...and I'm sorry for Mr. F's malady with the wasp!

    And the outdoor bath! How very different!

    You are clearly a baking goddess, and all that goes on around you seems so very lovely!

  2. The Beautiful Pink bag arrived safely. I posted it on my blog I left a link to your blog.

    You live in such a pretty place the landscape so different to where I live. I live close to natural bush land it beautiful too.

    I love poppys....:)

  3. Love that blanket, love those muted colours...bright enough, but not so lurid as to require sunglasses! All very restful. Sue.

  4. I dearly want to copy your outdoor bath. However, I think my neighbours would all be able to see, so perhaps not :)

  5. Well done, a very productive week! :) Talking of wasps... I'll never forget the time we were having a meal with chicken and salad and a wasp decended on the meat, carefully incised a neat cube of chicken with its special cutty thing and flew away carrying the chunk as it went, much to our shock!
    Jess x x