Piles of purses....

Saturday, 11 August 2012

Very chuffed with this new purse style. Inspired by the Art Deco period where leather clutches were all the rage, it had to be called DECO! Shown here in spotted oak leather, I have some beautiful inky blue which is calling out to be made into this purse. Maybe good for Christmas presents (thinking ahead....). In the shop here: http://www.fairysteps.co.uk/product/deco-large-leather-purse-spotted-oak-2224

All of these treasures are in the shop here: http://www.fairysteps.co.uk/category/accessories-purses

The sun shone today... so I did too...

The workshop decorating continues in spits and spats but you can already see how much lighter it is! Heres the main Fairysteps worktable (one of them anyway! We have 3... ) this afternoon. All of these are THIMBLES and YSABELS ready for assembly. Lots of wonderful colours here.

In the home:
Tomorrow is a day off I think! Ive worked very hard this week and deserve a day off me thinks. More weeding in the garden and meadow with a possible tea party up on the moors later in the day. Just the job for a tired shoemaker... I shall return on Monday bright as a button! I want to catch up with orders before the family holiday begins. Have a wonderful Sunday everyone!

Ren x


  1. Ren, you are fantastic :-) beautiful new shoes I love and a great new purse in one week is just brilliant! I know I keep saying it, but maybe this xmas I will be the happy recipient of some of your lovely goods. Fingers crossed if things slot into place for me and the guy :-)
    Have a great day off tomorrow, you certainly deserve it.