New shoes in stock and KITTY...

Thursday, 9 August 2012

The Fairysteps workshop this morning... bright and full of new shoes. Always a happy sight for tired eyes...

KITTY a new style! Classic Oxfords... Fairysteps style! Perfect for libraries, train journeys and tea parties in castle turrets... Retro vintage inspired shoe with deep curvy quarters, two tone uppers with contrasting tongue... Ribbons to finish off! Available as Custom Made here:

I am so smitten that Im probably keeping these for me! I can see these being 'keepers', like my old Tulip shoes were... old and worn and loved and tired, threadbare, caressed, polished and shared... They sit on the shelf... despite having a hole in the toe... because after 6 years of being together on every adventure I cant bear to throw you away... those are keeper shoes...

In the workshop:

One more pair of shoes nearly ready for stock. TITANIA in a spotted Oak (and I do mean spotted) in size 7 / D with long fairy toe.

Currently working on 4 new shoe orders for customers, these are all cut and ready to sew next week! So hopefully more pictures to show you then.

And... 3 more stock shoes waiting for soles (MR F still doing his one man barn raising so squishing shoe work in between hefting timbers around).

Approx 14 new YSABEL / THIMBLE bags being made now alongside about 10 new MERRY / MINNIE purses and more DAMASK chokers in browns and blues...

Plus Middlest and I are painting the workshop bright ivory (pictures soon of the transformation), Im tired of the darkness in there and all too aware that the winter will follow quickly after the Summer. Having a light working space should inspire me and hopefully give me more energy. I dont like covering up wood, but alas, wooden ceilings to tend to suck up light rather than reflect it. Im also making colourful granny square bunting for the workshop! 20 yards or so should do it...

In the home:

Both Mr F and I are knackered! 12 hour days, even if they are interspersed with tea breaks and buns are beginning to take their toll. Having decided that going 'abroad' was probably going to finish us off with stress... I booked a cottage on the Cornish coast for the first week in September. I cant tell you the utter relief that its sorted! Holiday is imminent...

The weed in the garden has already gone on holiday and hopefully we will attack the rosebay willowherb and thistles en masse today at some point.

My new blanket is halfway made and I must do a post soon to show you all! I would love to finish it before the holiday!

I must buy new hot water bottles too...

Well! Thats all for now, Im heading for the teapot and then packing a picnic lunch! The girls are riding up to the moor and Mr F and I will follow with a basket and flask. Its a good excuse to stop for an hour or two! Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend ahead.

Ren x


  1. Your shoes look great and the holiday sounds wonderful!

    Bee happy x

  2. Ren, I share your frazzled feeling. We are off tomorrow to Brittany, my husband's part of the world, but I am worn out after days of work. I love what I do but begrudge the need to sleep. Happy end of week to you.