Latest shoe hatchings... and stock!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

HOMILY in Old Oak and Emerald (custom order).

DORIS in Olive green (custom order).

DORIS in Bubblegum and Lipstick pink (in stock here).

MOONSHINE in Marmite / Olive (custom order).

TITANIA in Wild Oak (custom order).

RAGGLEBLOOMs in Daffodil and also just one single Pansy purple one in stock.

And... hopefully tomorrow I can send you all pictures of the next batch all of which will be going into stock! Happy shoemaker...

Ren x

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  1. Dear Ren,

    You are NOT making things any easier for me! I have been relishing the difficult choice of shoes or boots, which style and colour(s) for a few days now. Tomorrow I will hit the pay button but I am still not totally sure which delights to choose... Beautiful picutres of your latest creations.