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Monday, 9 July 2012

DAMASK a new choker / corsage / wristlet.

Look out for lots of these going into stock for the future. These are going to be perfect for Christmas / Winter parties! Not to mention Christmas presents.

Perfect for brightening up your existing handbag! It doesn't have to be a CLEMMIE... but obviously all the best handbags are! 

I managed to finish some outstanding orders.

Always nice to catch up with ones tail...

This pair turned out a treat and are now boxed up, wrapped in crispy tissue paper...

I struggled to find a moment when it wasn't raining and there was enough light to take pictures! 

This beautiful dusty denim POD was snaffled even before listing and is reserved in the shop!

And a new batch of RAGGLEBLOOMS went into the shop...

Alongside a very slouchy, very stripy ESME beret...

In the workshop...

I have been a busy bee (when am I not a busy bee?) cutting all sorts of treasures today. I have started COBWEBS, QUEENIES and LUNAs orders. 

And have been cutting the following leathers: Toffee, Old Oak, Earth, Conker, Chestnut grainy.

5 new YSABEL mini messengers have been cut in these colours.

A new style called NEVERLAND is nearing completion, made in plum and chestnut, size 8, and CLARA in peanut butter in size 9, both of which will be added to stock soon!

I nearly have a blanket finished too, and a pretty shawl, both waiting for their ends to be sewn in.

In the home...

Mr F has safely returned from his adventure, phew! Its so good to have him home!

Ive given up on Summer and may buy myself a new raincoat instead of another summer dress... I fancy one with giant spots...

We have decided that we are not going to France on holiday (Ive never been abroad, unless you count Wales...) and are hoping to make it to Ireland instead. Any ideas or suggestions for visiting Ireland would be MUCH appreciated!

I have my passport interview on Wednesday. You have NO idea what an absolute fidget / pain in the proverbial its been trying to get a passport... Mind you having looked at my passport photo, it is questionable whether anyone would actually let me into their counrty... a tax returns seems like a Jackanory story after this escapade...

Im planning a new blanket... Shhhhhh... don't tell anyone! Id like to finish it ready for the holiday / camping trip. Im thinking multi coloured LOVE blanket, but very big and in Aran yarns. Going dreamy thinking about it even...
And there we must leave it. Im off to bed with Nick Hornby.

Ren x


  1. Enjoy NH
    Never been to Ireland!
    My passport photo looks like I've been taken over by aliens!
    ;) x
    PS-Glad Mr F back

  2. I love the new corsage/wristlets!
    Well I am from Ireland, but can say I have travelled there much. I can highly recomend Glendalough, Newgrange and the whole Boyne Valley area. Lots of great Irish ancient historical places. Last time I was back was 2010 and I went to Glendalough, it was so green and full of trees compared to my current home of Iceland!
    I hope you all enjoy your trip wherever you travel to!


  3. Love the flowerey creations and have a great time in Ireland.......

  4. Well, I spent two weeks in Ireland waaaaay back in 1990 and thoroughly enjoyed it. I was there by myself and think it would have been even better with a travelling companion or two. Highlights for me were: seeing Newgrange, Tara and spending an amazing afternoon at a pub Sunday Session of fabulous live music in Drogheda; seeing the actual REAL Book of Kells in Trinity College; and an unexpected highlight was going to Sligo (near where Yeats is buried) and discovering Maeve's Tomb on Knocknarea. I'd never heard of it before, and, to get a bit fae and aery-faery for a moment, when I climbed to the top and saw the great cairn there, I definitely felt...something...a presence. The kind of thing that, as an Aussie growing up on stories by Susan Cooper and Alan Garner, I'd hoped to 'feel' at Stonehenge and Newgrange (as impressive as they were), and didn't. And Galway was a delight too. The whole place was lovely and the people were too. Have fun!

  5. Thank you so much for all the brilliant info about Ireland! Ive taken notes!!!!!!!!!!!
    Ren x