New treasures...

Thursday, 28 June 2012

Its been a busy week in Fairysteps Land! Lots of new accessories for the shop shelves!
A new batch of custom shoe orders finished, Bobbin, Puck, Peasblossom and Edith. I shall pop the finishing touches on in the next few days and post them on Monday! Pictures of these to follow this weekend!

Next week will see a batch of custom bag orders also finished and posted off, including a few sky blue Clemmie's. 

I hope to have some stock bags ready by the end of next week also... but that 'hope' may have to wait till the following week! I can see Im going to run out of time!

And on the home front... Mr F leaves today on Big Black Beastie (his Motto Guzzi motorbike) off on an epic journey (long time dream...) down through Europe, France, Italy, Switzerland... to the Alps. Gone for 10 days... heart is breaking already...! Im going to have to start knitting a new Husband tonight...

Ren x


  1. Gorgeous new products sweetie, we are off on the exact some road trip on Saturday in the car! :)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  2. beezersqueezer29 June 2012 at 09:14

    Good for Mr F ...... we're off in 16 days time on a 3 week tour on our trusted stead , a Triumph Sprint 1050 . Also going through France , Italy , Croatia , Slovenia , Switzerland and Austria . We follow our dream every summer , it's a fantastic adventure x

  3. Mr 'mermaid in the attic' is now insanely jealous!!!

  4. Ditto my other half. He's recently bought himself a Harley after lusting after one for all the time we've been together (and that'a a long time!)I won't let him read this it might give hime ideas! ;)
    Good luck with the knitting!
    Jess xx

  5. Love all your new goodies! Love all the pieces you make! Wishing your hubbie a safe journey as well!

  6. Beautiful treasures Ren, as always :D
    I hope you're not too lonely while hubby is away.