Sunday... literally...

Monday, 14 May 2012

The Children (not including Eldest who had something else on...) made us such a wonderful wedding anniversary feast.

We all stuffed ourselves silly...

Even the flan had a heart on it...

And they made my favourite pudding... Pavlova... 

We took silly pictures with the new camera too! But I won't embarrass anyone else by showing theirs...

Mr F Started making some steps in the garden... I watched! 

I did a spot of painting in my new book from Angie... I want to do at least one portrait in there a week.

I crocheted in the sunshine and nearly finished a second scarf for the shop. I must get this and the other one photographed and listed! I started a new shawl in the evening as well. In home dyed pure wool in rich hedgerow colours.

We then went for a long arduous tramp down through the woods and around and back up to the top of the World again and home for tea! The ponies came too and I took about 600 pictures of them galloping and jumping! 

It was one of those weekends where you really felt like you had been away or done something so different that life stopped for a while. A rest...

And so I am charged up and ready to go this week! Ive been working this morning sorting shoemaking patterns and orders and all the weekend post. Cutting right after this post!

Have a good week everyone!

Ren x


  1. What a wonderful feast! Many congratulations Mr and Mrs Fairysteps! x

  2. You are overblown with good things! Happy Anniversary--what sweet children you have, and what sweet foods! And the rest looks so enchanted! Congrats on all of it! :)