Off on the bike with best friend... and bees

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Here she is... my dearest friend. Beautiful inside and out, and it shows doesn't it! Always there to share a cup of tea and to listen. I dont know what i would do without her!

I want that apple!

Slightly ruffled and hot after the rushed, we are late again, ride!

Playing with the miniature mode on my new camera! It looks like a model village like this!

The garden looking pretty at this time of year.

New scarves finished alongside Mr Fs new bee frames...

And the latest swarm! Mr F is getting so fed up with his naughty bees. They keep swarming... He keeps catching them! I got quite close to these to get a good picture for you all to see!

Back to Sunday! Bluebell walk for me!

Ren x


  1. Oh you have bees! We were debating getting some in the orchard. Been a lovely day for a bike ride! Instead I've been on the mower for 3 hrs and cleaned out the chuck houses, duck house & rabbit hutch!

    1. O dear Jopsy!!! It sounds like you need several cups of hot tea! Im sending 3 virtual ones... x

  2. What a beautiful countryside you live in! And ahh, you know I LOVE the bees! I wish I was clever enough to build beehives!! I hope Mr. F's bee calm their naughty behavior ;)

    1. Zan, we joked that if they keep swarming, the last cast will be about 3 bees and we will have to convert a yoghurt pot for them!!!!!

    2. Oh Dearie, Ren! I hope not. I am having a small conniption with mine here as well. We have 8 hives. It's been a devil of a time hanging off trees and buildings in the city! Best of luck on your naughty girls, hopefully they are better behaved now!!