Me and the petticoat...

Thursday, 10 May 2012

I just discovered that my webcam takes pictures! How clever is that!!! So here I am today, on a very blustery windy day in my workshop! This is the best one of five... I look slightly demented in the other 4... what does that tell me? Hmmmm...

Have decided I HAVE TO make myself a new petticoat tonight too. I have an old striped purple shirt from Eldest and some dark wine lace and other scraps so I fancy making a many ruffled one to peep out from under this new dress of mine!

Also did I mention my new sewing machine came yesterday? Nope, didnt think I did! I couldnt cope with the black one any longer, it strained my eyes so much i would end up with a headache! Ive given it to the children and they have used it already. Eldest used it to mend a split in his work trousers! I felt so guilty about buying another one! I bought it from Coopers sewing machines for £99 and went for a Toyota again. Cant wait to start sewing tonight on it.

Better get back to work for now though...

Ren x

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  1. Holy Smokes Ren! How many blogs and writing spots have you? I'm not sure but I think I missed this one! I've now bookmarked it--what a busy life you've got, indeed!