Saturday was spent eating...

Sunday, 12 February 2012

A new addition... Its the 'Wendy' stove from who hand build woodburners for Gypsy caravans, Shepherds huts, Garden sheds and any other small space you might want a fire in! Mr F and Littlest picked it up from their Devon workshop on Friday. Its so dinky!!! It only fits a small log from the Rayburn... Ive affectionately named it 'the biscuit tin'...
It has been installed in the Carrievan with the hope of it making the cold and damp Carrievan a much nicer place to visit in the Winter (plus, and this is a HUGE plus, it means the children can stay up there with friends in the Winter too!). I know, what a dreadful Mother... I try...

And so... despite freezing, minus temperatures and frozen toes we made tea with water boiled in the little pink kettle on the 'the biscuit tin' stove. It was wonderful and quite lifted my spirits.
In fact it lifted them so much that I spent the entire afternoon playing in the kitchen. Nina Simone kept me company and reminded me that I did in fact have 'a little sugar in my bowl' and wasnt I lucky...

Lunch was toasted and buttered homemade bread with eggs from the hens who are beginning to come into lay. Mr F had fried, the rest of us had boiled with soldiers. I do like a good soldier dipped in yolk...

I then had a strong urge to make olive bread. Never ever made olive bread before... in fact, dont even like olives, but Mr F does so I knew someone would like this if it went well. I chopped up an entire jar or organic green Provencal olives in olive oil and added it, oil included to a 3 Lb batch of bread. It was heaven to knead and the scent... I did a big pile of soft baps with the olive mix and made up a second 3 Lb mix for 3 loaves for the children to all have toasted with chocolate spread for breakfast this morning.

And while the oven heated I made 2 trays of buns for morning and afternoon tea break tomorrow. I added the juice from 3 old wrinkly clementines from the fruit bowl...

Together with a generous (it told me to on the pot) handful of peel. All added to a standard bun mix. You must try this combination because they go into a sticky gooey caramely type bun which has a hint of orange. Particularly good with very hot Clipper Everyday tea and a Husband...

And the Olive baps, which turned out to be huge, and a good 5 inches across all but went at tea time. Everyone got carried away dipping them in the Lentil, tomato and Thyme soup that I made about 5 pints of in the hope of a little being left tomorrow...

Hope you all have a wonderful Sunday today! I feel a rice pudding coming on later...

Ren x


  1. Sounds like a very fullfilling day. Your biscuit tin is amazing, the bf and I dream of owning a "tiny house" and this would be perfect!
    Your dinner plates remind me of my mammy and home :)
    I am now craving some boiled eggs and soldiers for lunch yum
    Have a great Sunday Ren and family.


  2. Wow, Ren! Truly, you are the most industrious woman I know! I'd be hard pressed to even KNOW how to make olive bread, much less the doing of scads and scads of such food! Good for you, and your family!

    Enjoy your "biscuit warmer" stove--it's charming!

  3. Happy 10 years!!! You do a wonderful job! Wishing you all the best for the next decade!

  4. I'm now hungry and full of admiration for all those wonderful things you've made over the last 10 years. Everything you make is so beautiful, not surprising when it all comes from such a beautiful person. x

  5. lovely photos, that bread .... mmn! You could do a foodie blog alongside all the other loveliness that you already do (like you have the time? hehe x)

  6. Gosh, I love your blog!

    Thank you, thank you, thank you!