RIBBLE in my head...

Thursday, 16 February 2012

Had this bag and its construction in my head for most of last night... I made about 12 of them in my dreams... and one of them today, just so I wouldnt have to dream about it tonight as well...
A girls got to sleep...

Its BIG and its strong and I just love it!!! It uses a slightly thinner leather than I would normally use for shoe uppers so its a great way to use up some hides Ive had on the shelves for a while. I can mind Lemon, Orange, Ultramarine, Plum, Deep brown, Old Rose and Black... And Ive got polka dot ribbons to match! Crumbs!!!

And another GYPSY...

This one is a Borrowers edition... Pod and Homily would approve of the buttoned detailing and the sheer usefulness of this across the body bag. Perfect for Borrowers everywhere!

Both are in the shop!

And now... I shall finish my cup of tea, bash around in the kitchen for a while cooking, then back to the workshop to continue on a fine pair of TITANIAs...

Ren x


  1. What gorgeous bags! Gypsy is as lovely as ever!

  2. Loving the Ribbling! Those polka dot straps set it off a treat!
    Jess x