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Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Ive made so many accessories for the shop lately!

All in various styles and colours...

But, I must concentrate on my shoe orders now...

Especially as I plan on leaving the custom listings for footwear open all the time...

So I shall be cutting down on the number of accessories I make if my order book is very full! 

That makes good sense doesn't it!

I do want to make more bags though. I used to make many more bags and far less smaller accessories. Now, its the other way around. Im switching it back for a while! I rather miss my bag making. Theres something rather wonderful about making a bag for someone special. You know they will treasure it, you know it will go wherever they go, and its going to carry their prized possessions. Bags are important bits of kit!

Last words:
  • The new bedroom for Littlest has been painted. On and off its take me a whole week and my neck and shoulders are killing me... Only the big wooden cupboard to paint now and Im done in there. Daddy just has to re plumb in the radiator and its rugs down and she can start sorting her 'stuff' and move in! Very exciting. Im trying to convince her that I need to paint the cupboard pea green and NOT pale pink...
  • Out for a family meal tonight as Mr Fs Father is 70 today!
  • Its another grey day in Fairysteps Land with a strong blowy wind out there. I want the Spring so much...
  • Ive nearly finished two new Bobblebell hats for the shop... and I have restarted my cardigan that I abandoned. Back is complete and Im flying up the front. Its a soft organic Cornish yarn in DK.
  • Operation 'House clutter clearing' is imminent.
Ren x


  1. Pea green couldn't be futher away from pale pink if it tried could it?! Good luck with that :o)
    Happy birthday to your dad, have a lovely time!
    Jess xx

  2. Ahh, yes, Operation Clutter Clearing is definitely needed here! My studio is no longer a studio, more like a junk room lately, and just this morning my Beloved complained about my artwork and sketchbooks being all over the dining table AGAIN, because I can't find my drawing desk under all the STUFF!