Fairysteps celebrates its 10 year anniversary...

Saturday, 11 February 2012

Fairysteps turns 10 this month... 
I can hardly believe it! 10 years ago I decided to follow a dream that began at the tender age of 12. Ten years ago I decided to just 'do it' regardless of my lack of knowledge or skill. Just an over riding arrogance that 'Im sure I can if some else can'... Hah! Famous last statement if ever there was one! Ive made sooo many mistakes, and Ive worked so hard to clear this ten years, and I can honestly say, with my hand on my heart...

I would do it all again, every last wonderful, hellish moment that it entailed, just to be able to continue to feel the satisfaction that working with leather brings me. To be able to earn a proper living by indulging a passion is reward indeed...

And so Ive sifted through the picture files of the murky past to find some older makes that brought us to what makes Fairysteps what it is today! Some are rather fuzzy owing to a less than 1 megapixel poor camera which was all I could afford! 




These were really old! Handstitched!

I used to burn my brand name into the insole on each shoe! I called my shoes Moorsoles initially... it was a bit of an obvious name I suppose! Moor for Dartmoor and soles for shoes... O dear, at least things have improved!

Look! These turned tabs at the back arent even a matching length! I know they are inside the shoe, but there is no way I would put up with this now... these would be a bin job... 10 years has made me very fussy about standards!

I used to stitch little smiley teddy bears on all my childrens shoes and slippers... the girls had kissy lips on theirs...

A tiny flower crown model...



My goodness... what a journey!

And what will the next decade bring I wonder?
I think probably a more steady approach to work, simply because I am 10 years older and wiser (ish) and because Ive found my leaf in the teacup of life. I feel confident in my abilities now, something which I didnt feel back in the early days! Having cleared 10 years in one trade, I can now say, its not a hobby, its my 'work' and Im glad for that, it makes it grown up and real. 
Because contrary to however I may appear... Im not very grown up... I like playing... and daydreaming (while Im pretending to be awake) Im not even sure I ever will be grown up. In fact, between me and you, I do wonder if the whole grown up thing was just made up by someone who felt that maybe they were 'the grown up'... who knows.

I go forward with a band of loyal, special, unique and highly respected people, in front, behind and alongside of me... my customers. And no amount of thanks would do justice to how grateful I am for that support, because without you all, there would be no 10th anniversary...

I raise my cup of tea to you all x

Ren x


  1. What a journey! Congrats on this important milestone & for being one courageous lady with lots of bright ideas that have worked successfully.
    And.... I'm not so sure that growing up is the thing to do, at least not in all senses - remaining something of a dreamer never hurt anybody much!

  2. Well done you.x Such an achievement to have honed your skill and produced some lovely work. you should feel so proud.

  3. Ren, this is wonderful because you have the talent and because you have worked SO very hard and you have made your dream into reality.

    I have worn my shoes every single day since I purchased them in October. I am ashamed to say I have even walked in the snow with them (please don't groan and curse me). These are the only shoes I have had which haven't been spoilt by the snow. Not only have they been admired, they are also very durable.

    Here's to the next 10 years.


  4. WOW! So many designs! I must say, I DO like your hat with the leaves stitched upon it! Perhaps it's foolish to ask, but I think a line of leather or suedish hats might work!

    It's a hard thing to do what you do, keep at it, and do it well...so it's great to see your progress and success! Great stuffs!

  5. thank you for this journey Ren, its lovely to see all your early work and i feel honoured to own my gorgeous Pod :)
    you are also an inspiration... i recently decided to 'put myself out there' with my crochet, needle felt and jewelery...i know it can be done and following a dream can be wonderful!

  6. Amazing Ren, I love some of the old designs. I still adore my dark brown and gold Tinks - the first boots I bought from you. And my berry red Meadowsweet which I have been wearing today. Congratulations and long may Fairysteps continue.

  7. Congratulations! Happy Tenth! Even you older creations are beautiful and interesting. One day soon I'll buy a handbag or two.

  8. Congratulations, Ren, happy 10th Birthday! You are an inspiration, really, because you prove to me that you don't have to be 'grown up' (and boring!) to be productive and successful in a business you love...which, as one who at almost 46 still doesn't know what she wants to be when she grows up, is the kind of news I need to hear!
    xxx Christina

  9. You are such an inspiration!! Congrats my dear. I am taking holidays in May and flying to Europe. Will think of you for sure!! xxx