Resolution soup...

Saturday, 7 January 2012

Leek and Potato soup from a few nights ago, hot and steamy so the lens kept clouding over...

With Stilton and Caraway scones. And my huge 'Swamp rat stew' ladle that Mr F made me for last years birthday! Its funny because these savoury scones are equally as good with soup or jam.

And now to the resolution part of the post...
As my blog is my online diary or doings, and as fun for me to look back on as it is to actually write the entries in the present, I shall make my list of things to come. I can then look at them at the end of the year and see what I achieved (or didnt! ).  Warning... this may be boring to read as its mainly meant for me!

2012 Aspirations (real and fantasy)...
  • Spend less time on the computer AND try where possible to only switch on after lunch or even better in the evenings.
  • Remind myself to smile more often... should take this for granted BUT as I get older I have noticed that I smile less... not good at all...
  • As so many of my hobbies, like knitting and reading, involve sitting on my bum I must get out more... try to cycle every day and aim to be able to cycle to friends house 3 miles away without needing an ambulance waiting for me at the other end...
  • Spend more time cooking on an open fire when the weather permits...
  • Garden more...
  • Decorate the spare room for Littlest and help her to move...
  • Then redecorate and shelf the new spare room for me!!! FILL IT WITH WOOL... Put my little armchair in there and my spare radio and HIDE in there sometimes with a tray of tea and Radio 4 and my knitting... 
  • Buy black and white checked lino and put it down in the Bathroom.
  • Paint the bathroom white... sick of bright yellow... Its like washing inside a banana...
  • Aim to use at least 50% of my leather stocks by making lots and lots of bags...
  • Make a pair of boots with fairies on... plan to experiment with T shirt transfer paper and natural veg tan, touched up with metallic acrylics for the wings.
  • Grow proper feathered wings in white and fly out over the woods...
  • Reach 1000 sales on Etsy before 31st December next year.
  • Give more money to charity.
  • Make time to make myself new Quinces and a new pair of tall boots. There's a pair in my head called GATEKEEPER. They've been in there for 2 years and its time I let them out...
  • Do my accounts on a daily / monthly basis to save needing a week at the end of the tax year, not to mention at least 600 tea bags to get me through the week...
  • Aim to make at least 50 hats for the knitwear shop!
  • Aim to increase my button output for the knitwear shop and have at least 50 cards of buttons in stock at any given time... 
  • Do my ironing monthly as opposed to seasonally...  Im not joking... its that bad!
  • Experiment with chutney recipes more this coming Autumn.
Well... I think thats enough to be getting on with...

Ren x


  1. Such lovely resolutions Ren - I'm with you on the computer thing AND the smiling! I'm sure I don't smile as much as I used to. I will end up a grumpy old woman!

  2. Your list makes me smile Ren, not boring at all. In fact, we have similar aspirations too. I have moved into my spare room before Christmas and it is a joy having a room to leave my sewing machine set up! all the best sweetie! xx

  3. Ren, I am enjoying getting to know you over cyber space! Its so neat, here I am way over in California, and I can write you way over there in your lovely hamlet. (Which I would LOVE to see!)
    England facinates me. I did visit eons ago. What a beautiful country!
    Thank you for sharing your new years resolutions! It left a smile on my face...

    with warm regards...and a cup of tea and sugar!

  4. ...I am sure I may have asked you this before - but do you ever sleep? Wish I had half your energy! Look forward to seeing your achievements, Sue.

  5. Is that all? ;)
    I'm looking forward t a pic of the tall boots :)

  6. I love your list of aspirations for 2012.
    Good luck.x

  7. I see you've already beaten me to the 'making soup' which was on my own list of resolutions! I like the sound of the tall boots and the ones with metallic painted fairy wings. I repainted my bathroom cream with white painted floorboards because I wanted a change from the strong colours in there but I love the black and white check flooring because I have that in my utility room and by the back door!
    That's a very good list. Mine is growing as we speak. ;o)
    Jess xx

  8. Happy New Year Ren! Wow, that's quite an ambitious list! Good for you, sounds like you will have another enchanted year....

  9. ooh, that is ambitious! Wishing you lots of creative energy to help you :)

  10. Must add growing proper feathered wings for flying to my resolution list, too! You are a hoot!

  11. Oh Ren, I'm so happy to read your book-keeping resolution! It's not just me then :~( I'm currently having a small meltdown about it all!

    Definitely go with growing wings ;~)

  12. Cooking on an open fire sounds so wonderful. Wishing you a wonderful 2012!

  13. That soup and especially the scones look and sound mouthwatering indeed, and that's a scoop to end all scoops. I, too, do most of my creating sitting down so more roaming about is definitely on my 2012 list. Today I had to promise myself a slice of pie at the new pie shop up the hill to get me to walk to and from, but, hey, whatever it takes.

  14. lovely!
    i love the grow fairy wings :)

  15. hi, I'm from Brazil and I loved your blog. Make me a visit later...

  16. Mmmm, those scones look delish! Ahh, the sitting on the bum issue is my problem too, for all the same reasons, though you can add slouching on the couch playing the guitar for me! Luckily, beloved bought me a lovely bicycle for Christmas, and I'm trying to go for an evening ride with small people every night, so that's one of my resolutions too. Smiling is definitely an issue, and a related one for me, being at home by myself a lot, is a lack of out-loud guffawing.

    I do like the sound of those new boots!

    And I gave up ironing years ago!