Realization stew... and birthday candles

Monday, 9 January 2012

This is my little workshop timer... he's called angry egg, and he keeps me on the straight and narrow... and so... after the list of resolutions made in the last post, my poor empty head was stirred up good and proper. Sleepless nights of wondering how to juggle life this year floated around up there. And I had to face a few realizations. As I mentioned to best friend yesterday, if I was a light bulb I would probably be about half a watt...

I want to go back to some original plans I had several years ago. Dreams hatched on a Mid Summers Eve...
They did not involve piles of bags, piles of purses, piles of pen cases, 1000 etsy sales, splitting myself up to cover every imaginable angle that my business could take me on. Nope! They were quite simply to make unique footwear for unique people. And after much thought I have to admit that its where the largest part of my wages and job satisfaction for that matter, comes from, so its where I should be concentrating my efforts most. I have finally got to grips with making bespoke, Im happy with my designs. I think in reality the next step is to take the plunge and keep the shop open full time for customers and cut down on the accessories going into the Etsy shop. 
I appreciate the support that Ive had from so many people and think maybe its time to focus on giving them what they want and specializing a smidge more. Im still going to make some items which have proved best sellers for me. This will still include occasional bags! And I hope more stock shoes too!

So Fairysteps has had a revamp! And the restyled Fairytale shoe collection has I hope been showcased rather better. In these days of doom and gloom a little escape from reality into a Fairytale world isnt a bad thing, and is something we would all benefit from!

I'm still determined to grow those wings though...

Ren x


  1. I totally understand your reasoning, Ren, and you should do what works for you...I would do the same! Here's to more success and fun in the New Year! And Happy Birthday, too! :)

  2. You are most certainly not half a watt! Your mind is constantly reinventing and creating new ideas! I made a resolution list, made another (different one) a couple of days later and I thought yes, now I have my best list of to-doos but today? My list will be rewritten again but the important thing is, we keep going, reinventing and I lOVe your new plans!
    Jess xx PS..And I've made that soup which will now keep me in meals for days! ;o)