Last Sunday involved...

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Visiting a very pretty wood to watch people manically whizzing around on motorbikes... Heres Eldest on his rather special vintage bike which Mr F gave him (lucky boy...).

And we spotted lots of Wallace and Gromit style beauties which were being put through their paces...

And I have to admit that Ive always had mixed feelings about the whole trials bike issue. On the one hand they are polluting a beautiful wood and tearing up the ground and destroying god knows what BUT the flip side is that it is drawing many youngsters to the woods, possibly a place where many of them otherwise wouldnt visit. And maybe little seeds of wonder are being sown while they are there and they will notice how special the woods are and why we need to look after them too!  

I spotted some treasures...

Ivy that was so old its stems were as thick as a small tree!

Sandwiches, Jam tarts and tea was administered and then off home we went...

This Sunday involves keeping warm, because its absolutely freezing... Also trying hard to recover from very little sleep due to Middlest having a party in our barn last night which seemed to involve most of Devon turning up... we hid in the house... and finally making plans for an enormously busy week at the worktable. Trying to get geared up for leaving the shoe shop open for opens from 1st February onwards. Bike ride later. Not much on then!!!

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Sunday!  

Ren x


  1. is that a matchless? my dad has a 19040 matchless dispatch bike :)

  2. Beautiful tree's. Hope you enjoyed your day.

    Rachel x

  3. Gosh-You're brave having a party anywhere near the house ;)
    Sadly, we already have a 'Party Shed' No doubt it will come in useful in about 10 years time (mini me only 6!)
    Oooh on another note- a parcel arrived for my b'day via Fairysteps, from my sis (not opened yet as I have to wait until Thurs!)

  4. Ahhh, yes, I understand completely! My Beloved has been a bike fanatic since I met him. He has oscillated over the years between road bikes and trail and back again, but his current favourite thing to do is take off for a weekend of bush riding and camping with a few mates, coming home absolutely knackered, covered in mud, with a big grin on his face. He's indoctrinating the girls now! On the principal of 'if you can't beat him, join him', learning to ride myself has been on my 'to do' list for about 15 years now. I suspect it will never happen...I like peace and quiet too much!

  5. That's a very lucky boy indeed! I love the pictures of the twisty twiney ivy, woods are such magical places for me. Is it cold in Devon at the moment? Oh dear we're going there this weekend to do some garden clearing and chopping. As long as it stays dry we should be ok!
    Jess xx