Sunday... continued. Edibles and welcomes...

Monday, 12 December 2011

Welcome to my home... my kitchen door dressed for Christmas...

I cant tell you how long it took to cut out all of these letters! Here it is unstuck...

Littlest made us a special one for the Sitting Room wall...

And yesterdays teatime... the soup was spiced and thick and creamy and moreish in the extreme... You can just see the fruited malt loaves behind there... they rose up tall and light and ever so slightly sticky. All of the children will slice this and toast it and butter it to within an inch of its life tomorrow morning... and a whole loaf will be history. Good job I make 3 minimum in this house.

And this was the wedge of buttered bread which the Fairy Shoemaker ate for tea... This picture makes my kitchen appear quite magical... which of course... it is. Ive made magic in it for over 2 decades and I still love it...

Love to all, Ren x


  1. your kitchen and this fabulous meal looks absolutely divine!

    I'm just about to begin bread baking again after a break of MANY years, do you have a foolproof sourdough recipe?

    Have a lovely week- bright and frosty here

  2. Hi Ren I love this post its all warm and friendly and lovely, and as you say full contains magic ....thank you :-) x

  3. The food looks so great, I need bread now me thinks ;)

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!

  4. How does one reserve a spot for tea at your house?? Everything looks amazing and mouthwatering!

  5. Ren, this is all so heavenly! You clearly have fairy fingers!

    My shoes are giving me a real skip in my step.


  6. Looks so warming and wholesome. I love!