Pre Christmas Post...

Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The crackers are made, the free range turkey ordered, the Christmas shop from Waitrose is coming tomorrow, the tree is cut, its the shortest day, Ive finished work for the time being and its feeling very much like Christmas here at home!

The kitchen is full of Christmas sights and smells...

My ancient pastry cutters are earning their keep with mince pie making...

I must make the Christmas cakes tomorrow when Middlest makes another batch of mince pies. I know its late for cake making, BUT Ive been so busy with work, Im thinking better late than never. Plus... we will be having 2 HUGE Christmas feasts this year, both on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. This is due to the fact that Middlest has found a part time job serving at Bovey Castle over Christmas... and UNFORTUNATELY... Let me repeat that... UNFORTUNATELY they have put her down for a shift till 11 oclock at night on every single day, save for 2, of her school holiday from today onwards. This includes Christmas day, Boxing day and New years day. Horrid... She wont start work till 3 on Christmas Eve so we thought a pretend Christmas dinner would be just the job. I hope they pay her well!!!! Im very sad about all this BUT it is a fact of life as your family grows older...

Christmas wouldnt be Christmas without a mince pie picture to share! Its tradition on the Fairysteps blog now!

And my last makes of the year are a pile of 26 NIB pen cases! The meadow green isnt shown but is included in the batch.

I must try to do a blanket update before Christmas too! Well, its over and out for a day or two for the Fairy Shoemaker! I had a bad migraine on Monday and am still only firing on 2 cylinders so taking it a bit slow wont be a bad thing!

Its the shortest day today, and we all know what that means dont we chaps! Longer daylight hours are on the increase from herein! I love lighter nights! And... Snowdrops will be just around the corner...

Ren x


  1. Merry Christmas to you and your family and have a lovely Christmas break :)
    Sue Xxx

  2. Merry Christmas Dear Fairysteps Family!! I am feeling it knackered that my hair has lost its curl, hee hee! Our Ivy is working, schooling and Driver's Ed so we hardly see her at all. She will be home Xmas Eve and that makes me happy.
    Your pies look delicious! Hugs xx

  3. It all looks lovely Ren. I'm so looking forward to Friday lunchtime when I finish work and can concentrate on Christmas cooking myself. Merry Christmas love Mary. P.S. the bag arrived today and is as always fabulous.

  4. Merry Christmas Dear Ren! I am sorry to hear that your middlest has to work but at least there are pennies coming in...wishing you the loveliest of holidays!

  5. Merry Christmas to you and your family, take time to enjoy it and feel better soon. x x x

  6. And to you, dear Ren! Take care and have a wonderful time with all your loved ones. xxx

  7. A very Merry Christmas to the Fairysteps household! xx

  8. You made the crackers?! Looks very very good! Hope you are enjoying the holiday season