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Friday, 16 December 2011

ALDER in what may be the last of my lovely pumpkin leather... sob...
Love this image. It sums up the weather here at the moment. Blizzard one minute, that doesnt settle, hail, sleet, rain, then sunshine!

Its residing in the stock shop over on Etsy (which is working really well, sigh of relief...).

DODIE clutch with a beauty of a rag tag...

A posy of purses. Lots of MERRY, MINNIE, JINKS, DRIP. All in the shop too!

Im getting there chaps! One pile of cut leather left to make up and my work table is clear! O and that small molehill of shoes to add the finishing touches to.

Crochet news: Blanket centre is complete and Ive started on the race around the edge...

A little tip to share: You know those wonderful Etsy Mini widgets we can snaffle to pop on our blogs and websites... and you know they only offer a layout of 5 rows. Which if you have many items in your shops is rather a stingy amount to have on display... I thought I would change the number on the code to more rows... and it worked! So the middle of my code looks like this... 'thumbnail',2,12,0, I changed the middle figure from 5 to 12. Just the job!

Ren x


  1. I can just imagine the fragrance of cut leather in your workshop. I would so love to see where you work.... it must be so inspiring.

  2. Hi Ren! Weather is unusual here as well. We have no snow yet...
    I was wondering what eco leather means? I need to buy some for a project of mine and there are so many sources on the net, I wonder if you have any advice picking a supplier? Thanks ! xxx