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Tuesday, 6 December 2011

CLARA in Violet eco tan... and two posts in one day!

BUNTY in Jet black...

TITANIA in snuffed Oak...

EDITH in Jet black...

And we had a spot of Christmas decoration making today! Box of wool, pom pom kit and the need for pom pom bunting...

What fun! I had the idea in bed last night!

And please note, that the airing cupboard in the background HAS been painted at last!!! I was unsure of the blue at first but its growing on me day by day!

More boots and shoe pictures to share tomorrow! And Im happy to say that all orders for 2011 are complete and will be posted tomorrow!!! Welcome to my home... Christmas...

Ren x


  1. Get thee behind me Ren! Those shoes are CALLING out to me.... are there any in size 7 which could keep my present ones company?

    I like thinking of you up at 5am; it's the driving force which keeps us creative types happy and alive... and dependent on caffeine ;-)


  2. hi im from switzerland, an I like all your creations so much! Big art! :) I love it all. so beautiful.
    greetings jolanda

  3. I love the pom-pom garland! So pretty and it must be such fun to make too! Do I see a new line for your christmas wares next year? ;o)
    Jess xx