Woolly wonders will never cease to delight me...

Sunday, 27 November 2011

Me with a look of Gnomish delight because Ive had soooo much fun making hat after hat after hat every evening this week!

The new colours look beautiful (special thanks to Lulu for helping me choose the colours)...

The INKCAP Gnome hat pattern has been perfected...

And every stripey mixture of goodness has been created in this luxurious Pure wool and Alpaca blend yarn. They remind me all of Cornishware pottery!

Ones trying to run away here...

Goodness... and this is the view from the top...

Ive even designed a few new bits! SADIE... which turned out so prettily...

TILLY, a big snugly cowl...

PATCH in a wonderful Rowan silk blend yarn, complete with ruffles and drapiness thats second to none.

JULIE (named for my dear Mum) because she always wanted scarves to cover her chest! This one fits the bill, easy to just pull over. Actually it reminds me of the old godets that women in the past would make to embellish their plainer dresses.

And last but not least VICTORIA who is small and neat and elegant and quite frankly, just what we all need for those days when we need something a little more feminine to finish things off!

Shoe pictures this coming week as I complete the orders for 2011! I am then devoting some much needed time to homeloving ready for Christmas jollies!

Ren x


  1. Utterly fabulous creations dear one and I'm so glad you're keeping the woolies in your shop as they do add some lovely interest :D Fairies need to be clothed from bottom to top and all the fripperies in between :D xxx

  2. I am in desperate need most muchly for a gnome hat.....tell me tell me how i might achieve this.....is there a pattern....oh pleeease let there be a pattern.
    Pixie :)

  3. WoW!!!!! I LOve your Gnome hats!!!!and all your creations of course!!!!!!!!
    Have a GReAt week!!!! :oD