There are Gnomes in the Woods...

Monday, 21 November 2011

Well, great excitement in Fairysteps Land! The new load of wool arrived and in hoppy up and downy joy I decided to ignore food at lunchtime and start a hat instead! I need regular breaks inbetween sewing and stooping over leather hides and patterns on my worktable, so a few more short breaks saw my first INKCAP hat completed! This pure wool is like nothing else! Simply gorgeous. Its even an Eco yarn which ticks lots of boxes for me! I love the parchment colour as the base for the hats. Its timeless and will suit anyone. Other colours will include Cornish ware blue, and a pretty Jade green. I hope to have both other colourways completed tonight (late night coming up) so that I can photograph them tomorrow.

I even felt inspired to break into poetry over them...

And... I've decided, yet again, because I always do, and does it matter really, and no, it doesn't, as long as I'm smiling, and I'm making others smile too...
That I WILL carry on selling woolly things via Fairysteps. I AM leather and wool and I just cant split them! Ive tried, time and again, but we always come back to it! So Im thinking a few hats, cowls and gloves in the shop wouldnt be a bad addition. 

Keeps me out of mischief in the evenings if Im knitting!

Ren x


  1. Ren, I totally understand your excitement at receiving a wool order: I'm awaiting a Madelinetosh order myself and I am really hoping it arrives tomorrow for my birthday. I love your gnome hats. All fairytale elements added to life make it that much more special. Are you familiar with TinyOwlKnits? She does the most adorable fairy-like patterns. She can be found on Ravelry.

  2. Ren, I am so pleased to hear that your fab knits will be available again!


  3. Oh, they are charming! I love your impish model, too!

    I honestly don't think that there's any problem whatsoever in you carrying woolen things at the Fairystep shoppe.

    I never did think anything strange of it when I first noticed them amongst your leather goods and I'm actually surprised you should think to separate them. I'd thought as long as they were enchanted (and they are!) that you should carry on keeping them in one place.

  4. I need some knitting to keep me out of mischief in the evenings too! Great pointy hats!
    Jess xx