Foggy apples and fireworks...

Monday, 7 November 2011

My best beloveds footprints on my front porch...

And Ive decided to match my basket of pears and dress accordingly...

See... complete camouflage...

And I leave you with a little pile of MINNIE purses which Ive just popped in the shop!

Busy bee me... Ive spent a couple of hours today sorting out my bespoke section in the shop. Its been causing more than a few sleepless nights for me! I really thought I had cracked it on getting just the right amount of orders each month, BUT it appears not! Orders flooded in so fast I couldnt shut the listings down in time!

Lucky me really, because I appreciate the support that Fairysteps has from its loyal customers so much I cant tell you how much!!

So I came up with a cunning plan... (I know another one!) and decided that instead of listing each style as a separate listing and having 25 windows open on my laptop, I could in fact just list a few and alter the inventory accordingly. So heres what the new bespoke listings look like...

I know, its magic!!! So the next time I open bespoke I will not be flooded! Yippeeee!

Well, better get back to it chaps. Im busy cutting the November orders, whilst adding the finishing touchs to the October orders. I hope to be sending them this week! Mr F is rather busy with building his barn and is limited on time... so helping with the sole cutting is intermittent! Maybe tomorrow...

Night, night... Ren x


  1. Love the idea of the footprints forever in the doorstep :)

  2. Every magical fairy shoemaker has to have the forever footprints at her door, methinks!

    Wow, I suppose it's a grand sort of "unlcukiness," being flooded for orders, instead of the other way 'round! But I like your new idea, also!

    Many blessings!

  3. Your new pictures are gorgeous and I hope this idea works out well. Huge well done for the orders though, your shoes are fab which is why you're so popular. Hugs and fairy helping hands to

  4. great footprints! Glad to see there are plenty of apples around too