Playing with fairies...

Saturday, 8 October 2011

Middlest has taken on the Fairy Crown making department of Fairysteps... We went out into the garden this morning and took some fresh photos for the shop.

She is breathtakingly beautiful... One of the prettiest most magical creations ever to emerge from me. Beautiful both inside and out...

I have set up a special discount code in the shop for the crowns. BUY 2 get one free... Just to kick start her income! Its all going on Farrier fees for her loan horse, Thumper.

She likes a challenge... See, she can even catch the Sun in her hands...

Ren x


  1. That's lovely and she is very beautiful

  2. Oh my word she had grown up some since last we saw you. Completely gorgeous girl... just look at her! (And so like you too!)

  3. Just showed Max her photo. He said "blimey, she grew!"

    He's in for a shock around here ;)

  4. Oh my Ren
    She is beautiful indeed. She is so like you. My Daughter saw her pictures and said Mum she looks like Florence Welch and I had to agree. Her hair colour is fantastic. Love the fairy crowns :-)
    Hope you all had a good weekend.
    Julie xx

  5. Wow, yes, I must agree, she looks so much like you! Stunning young lady! Good for her that she is so industrious as to make something of use and creative to boot! I'm sure she will be as successful as her mum!