A little bit of handwash...

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Its a poor excuse for a post but its all I have the energy for Im afraid!
I finally washed the finished latest blanket. Please pardon my poor, very old kitchen sink... I promise its very clean, but it is also very worn (rather like me at present). Mind you it was in a field being used as a drinking trough for many years so we can pardon it, can't we?
Its perfect for handwashing in though! Lots of room.

The blanket is drying on the Rayburn as we speak, and will be revealed this week!

A new weeks dawns tomorrow and I have ooodles to do...

Ren x


  1. Don't worry about the sink--I'm like you, finding use for things well worn, and I'm more about the use of a thing than appearance--it's a far more valuable commodity!

    Love the colors of your blanket, looking forward to seeing her in all her glory!

  2. I feel worn too!
    Blanket looks like it will be amazing, once dry.
    My kitchen sink looks the same, rescued from a skip!xxx

  3. I'm also a little worn today :D Hope you feel better today and I can't wait to see the blanket. Hugs to you.xxx

  4. I'm very glad I met you before I took a look at your blog & website - I think I may have been too intimidated by your crafty skillfulness to approach you at all!! Very impressive and I'm still a-looking.....x

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