Book learning...

Thursday, 27 October 2011

Ive been itching to have a go at bookmaking for so long. So, when there was a chance to go on a workshop hosted by the ever so talented bookmaker Nina Fenner I snapped it up!

The girls and I woke late and had about 10 minutes to grab 'bits' on the day of the workshop... BUT as Nina is actually my neighbour from about half a mile away down the hill, that was OK!

Everything was laid out ready for us to begin... Nina runs workshops on a regular basis so she really has this off to a fine art! Everything was super organised and super relaxed. Im guessing thats the sign of a good teacher though...

Middlest (look at those spotty nails she painted...) got stuck in... couldnt resist that one! We glued all day long...

Littlest kept up perfectly...

I brought buttons and lace...

One of the final stages...

A pile of treasures...

Tidied up after making the BIG books ready to make some small concertina books...

I used some recycled fabric from Ninas lovely Husband Vince's trousers for mine. Its OK he wasnt wearing them!

I cant tell you how proud we all were. The gilrs are already writing and drawing in their own books so I couldnt find them for pictures!

I highly recommend visiting one of Ninas workshops if you can! She has lots of updates of where they are held with dates etc on her website at 
and... if you want to buy books made by a master, then you must visit her new Etsy shop where she hopes to have a thriving outlet! Each book is a unique work of art. 

Ren x


  1. Ahh I took a bookmaking workshop last Christmas time and it's quite amazing, isn't it! I actually WISH I had time to make books since then, but so much other art-making gets in the way!!

    Looks like you had scads of fun, and the books look amazing! Good for you and your little ladies!

  2. They look fab :o)

    Off for a look on Nina's website now.

  3. wonderful christmas present too!

  4. Oooh, I love learning new things. The books look fantastic. I can't resist a lovely journal so I'm off to look at Nina's Etsy shop.