An outing to the Bookmaker...

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Out across the Moor we went yesterday to visit a bookmaking friend who was taking part in the prestigious Devon open Studios 2011 event. We went through this gate and into the most beautiful studio belonging to an Artist called Stephie Reiss. She wasnt there for me to ask permission to photograph her Studio so I am afraid there are no pictures of the interior to share here, BUT there are pictures on Nina Fenner's blog here...

Littlest chose this little beauty. Made by the very talented Nina Fenner. A bookmaker who makes the most exquisite books! Hopefully she will soon be opening up a shop on Etsy so everyone will have access to her creations.

We also met a really lovely lady called Abigail North. I am afraid I didnt photograph her work because of the reason above... but she does have a website so you can have a look! Such muted colours... heaven!

I chose this A5 book as my new customer suggestions book!

Littlest took this image of her book... wonderful detail. Every page is a different colour.

And because there isnt a moment to lose... Ive started filling it up with suggestions already. Good grief, its almost being organised...

Mind you, I did say almost...

Ren x


  1. what beautiful, beautiful books! And what a cute little cottage!x

  2. How lovely ... event, venue, books ... the lot! I do like a nice handmade book :)