Green'ness, Owl'ness and Elfless...

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

At last Ive started finishing a few new items to share. This first batch is all made using this wonderful Vintage green leather. Straight off those wonderful enamel bread bins from the 30s and 40s. Bestest friend bought me one a few Christmas's back, I love it so much x

Stock is running so low in the shop that my workshop shelves are emptying at an alarming rate! I shall be hoping to address this problem over the next few weeks! Starting now!

A few SNAP wallets in the same...

A JINKS vying for pride of place against this creeper leaf with all its flaming red, crispy edged glory. No competition there!

And my Elfless workshop showing signs of industry and chaos!

A little peek at the new HOOT shoes! I mean I ask you... how can you not love owls???

A snapshot of my thoughts... tumbling around in my partially empty head. It occurred to me that my work is somewhat like the branching stems of this leaf. After a long season some of the leaves fall away... I may be ready to let somethings go, like hair accessories and cuffs, belts and  collars.

Well, back to the grindstone. My phone line has broken again giving me intermittent internet access so adding new stock over the next few days will be rather sporadic Im afraid!

Ive also got a new woolly project to share, but thats for later!

Ren x


  1. Clemmie is just a beautiful bag and in that vintage green it is calling to me. I have been told I can choose one of your items for my xmas gift. What a difficult choice! Shoes or bag? :)

  2. Hello Ren!! Lovely things as always and wonderful photos!!!! Well, as i can see you have a lot of work and this is reasonable cause you make the most beautiful leather things!! Everything is gorgeous!!!
    Oh! by the way i also love leaves and admire their beautie!! Now it's their season!!!!
    Have a great autumn!!!
    Kisses! :o))

  3. Ren- please tell me the owl shoes are going to be a size 5 and a rounded toe.........they are the shoes dreams are made of!