A giant puffball OR did the Moon fall down?

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Last week my Father found a giant puffball which he proudly brought to my front door... We had never seen such a whopper! It caused quite a stir...

My porch Gnome was very interested and looked at it for hours...

It sparked a whole days learning for Littlest who based all of her days lessons on Puffball research, drawing, measuring and dissecting!! We thought it was BIG for us, but she discovered that the largest one ever found was 4 feet across and weighed in at over 50 Lbs... once we discovered this fact, our own puffballs seemingly record breaking size was somewhat diminished... poor thing!

I wondered if the Moon had fallen...

Ren x


  1. I have one of similar size in the tree line outside my window here in Eastern USA. It's the largest I've ever seen. Perhaps the moon bounced!

  2. Fabulous, and remember size isn't everything!

  3. I've been away from your blog for a while regretably and this is a great post to come back to! It's awesome, don't let it feel small in comparison to its record breaking cousin :)

  4. My Middle (4 years old) would go crazy for that puffball. We can't go for a walk but we have to stop for every fungi on the path. We don't grow them so big here in Alaska. I'll show her your picture tomorrow morning. She'll be thrilled.

  5. Wow! Amazing what a whopper! x