Did I mention plums?

Saturday, 3 September 2011

First there were Gages... buckets of them! Then the Opal plums, sweet as nectar, then Victorias and finally Damsons. The trees have been dripping...

And because its been so long since we have had any animal pictures...

Two of my three cats striking a pose...

And from a few weeks ago... The girls put the ponies onto a fresh area here at home to graze (we have pockets of grass between the woods). What they didnt realise though was that Pipkin would rather like rolling in the fire pit. She went a wonderful soot black all over except her face! What a mess!!!

Bearing in mind that the above picture shows her usual colouring you can see what a job Middlest had cleaning her up!

And finally, the latest addition on the equine front to Fairysteps Land. Meet Thumper! On loan from Middlest's Great Uncle. Thumper is a gentleman and much taller than Pipkin, so Middlest is chuffed as punch to have the challenge of a bigger horse. We appear to have 4 horses in residence now....

Last notes:
Had hoped to get shoes in the shop this weekend but failed! I have been working flat out though. It just takes so long, and I do love to a job well. It is a huge batch of 15 pairs though so I guess I shouldnt be too hard on myself really. I think it will be Tuesday though before I start listing them now.
Tomorrow I am making bread and apple pie. Going for a walk, and crocheting my latest blanket. Sunday here I come...

Have a good weekend all!

Ren x


  1. Love the sooty pony! We had a pony called Snowie (not difficult to guess what colour she was!) who liked nothing better to roll in the filthiest patch she could find!
    Good for you for doing what you want tomorrow. I too am forgoing the housework for making a recycled crocheted rug and blogging a tutorial :)

  2. Wow, bless that beautiful Pipkin. I bet she really enjoyed herself!

  3. Ponies and soot ... not the best combination! But she does look like she enjoyed herself!

  4. I rather like Pipkin in iron grey :D Lovely animals :D I'm swamped by sloes and have run out of gin to add to them, so now it's off to make sloe and apple jelly. Sounds divine doesn't it :D

    Have fun hunny.x

  5. Wow! You are plum and horse rich!! Lucky you, as everyone and everything looks lovely! Good for you!