Newest shoes are cut...

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Just to prove I am still making shoes, despite stopping custom orders, I thought a little glimpse of shoe mountain would be a good idea. There are 12 pairs here so far, all cut and ready to sew the uppers. They include: Puck, Moth, Clara, Queenie, Cobweb (new), Quince and Doris. In sizes 5, 6, 7 & 8.
All have been taken from my 'customer suggestions' book which I keep next to my laptop. I shall cut a few more and then I think that will be enough to be going on with.

Last notes: 
The Dolly Mixture blanket is finished.
Ive started the next blanket. I decided on a giant granny square this time. Made purely in Shetland wool in all sorts of colours from my work bag. I havent made a giant granny square blanket since I was a girl of 18...
Mr F threatened to 'put me down' this morning if I didnt stop coughing... I think he may be calling the vet for me later...

Ren x


  1. Fantastic: How long do you think before the next size 7 models are ready? NO RUSH, of course, but I will be placing an order as soon as that is done.

    I LOVE your shoes.

  2. Ooooh, I see in the stack of leather a couple of the colors...and in the description...some of the styles I am interested in....can't can't pry my Quince shoes off me!!! (until I can get some new ones...) Gayle

  3. Awww.. will you have vegan shoes in this bunch? :)

  4. i forgot: I really really really love your shoes! :)

  5. rhaaaaaaaaa, I wait for the size 7 models (pink maybe ?...)

  6. Oh dear, try and avoid being put down, it hampers the work, haha! Mind you, I've been suffering with my eyes and an impending migraine all week, so maybe I'll join you in a darkened room :D

    Love the purses and handbags :D

    Take care and get well soon.x

  7. ohhhh my dear friend Roses has a pair of Puck and she said they are so i am hoping to get a pair this year :)

    i shall put them on my yule list...