Found something and lost something...

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Good news is that I found some treasures in the workshop today! I made this little beauty about 4 years ago based on a vintage lace brassiere that I have, circa 1920!

Its shocking because I completely forgot I even made it for the shop... I must list it tomorrow!

And what have I lost...
I appear to have contracted a throat infection from my offspring. Drat. And thats putting it mildly because they have been coughing... and coughing for weeks with this thing. Do I want to be coughing through sleepless nights for weeks? Nope, didnt think so! I fear my voice may go quite soon so I am being very frugal with my words and nodding a lot!

BUT I can still type, so you arent safe! Hope you are all well and enjoying these last bursts of Summer sunshine.

Ren x


  1. That is just gorgeous! Feel better soon :)

  2. Lovely Ren :D I hope you recover soon. Maybe a whole day of rest will help.x

  3. Hope you all get well soon!

  4. I just found out about your beautiful shop and blog! You are so very creative. The colors and designs of the pieces in your collection are quite beautiful. I am your newest follower. Hope you will be feeling better soon.

  5. Ren that is such a beautiful vest!!! Gosh you have talent!! I hope you will feel better soon too. Huggs across the pond from me ! oPS Is it getting chilly yet?

  6. Wow!! I hope this doesn't come off badly--but how could you lose that stunning vest-piece? It IS unforgettable (see how I cleverly turned that round to the compliment it's meant to be??)!

    I hope your throat mends up. Of course, my beekeeping tendencies say plenty of natural honey and tea and rest! You always seem a whirlwind of action! Feel better!