A Cornish break...

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Then this would be the one...

I could quite happily set up shop here... alas, its not mine, but belongs to 'Wild Wood' in Bude, Cornwall. A coincidence because my fairy collection is also named WildWood. Great minds think alike...

Had to take the offspring to visit the Old Post Office at Tintagel. Its over 600 years old and is wonderful. I desperately wanted to light the fire in the main hall and brew up tea... There were masses of rag rugs which made me determined to get on with my own ruggy adventure...

The garden was very pretty in the rain...

In fact it rained for nearly all of our time away. 

And for me...
The very best part of going away is the coming back.
Each time I leave my home it reminds me of how special it is, how vital it is and most importantly, how loved it is...

Glad to be back! It was just a few days but 'a change is as good as rest' as they say.

Back to work...

Ren x


  1. That shop is gorgeous. And the post office is too. Glad you enjoyed your break and are now home in your wonderful cosy home.

  2. Ohh!!! My nan and some other family live in Bude!! That shop is my mum's fave shop when we visit, and I rather like it too its a treasure trove of things inside! Did you spot the shabby chic shop by the roundabout on the way into Bude town centre? Such a beautiful shop, and such a lovely lady runs it, its full of lovely vintage treasures!
    We hope to move to cornwall in a few years to join our family. We do love it.

  3. Sigh...I sometimes dream of a little shop in a little country town, but of course none of the shops over here would be anywhere near as beautiful! A short break is nice too, we're hoping to get away (just the two of us this time) for a couple of days of doing nothing much (no worrying about bills and mortgages, paintings I haven't done, and cracks in plaster that need to be patched, and so on!)

  4. As everyone else has commented I just love the shop..I would love the tree to surround my front door :)
    Really glad you had a great family time together...I know what you mean about coming home..It's great to get away ..but it's great to come back to homely comforts etc ...Mind you you live in a beautiful County..I have Devon envy lol..
    Julie xxx

  5. love love love! any photos of the inside of the postoffice? i'm supercurious! and tintagel makes me think of arthurian legends and fantasy stories <3

  6. Wow, beautiful shop!
    Love your photos.
    It's always nice to return home isn't it!x

  7. Wonderful :D A lovely adventure away and the Carrievan looks so gorgeous inside. Well, done all of you :D