Workshop in green...

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Heres a little snapshot of the Fairysteps workshop today... And of course I was wearing green to blend in with the leathers... Theres my abandoned cardigan on the workbench... it was so stuffy today! 

And to carry on the green theme Mr F started painting the Carrievan (I chickened out because as soon as the lid came off the paint tin I KNEW it was going to give me a migraine in about 60 seconds if i went near it...). So the Carrievan now has a green front and a green door. Tomorrow, weather permitting, it should have primrose yellow sides. Then once the front panel is lined inside Im going in there with the white paint to finish off. We can fiddle around with cozy bits then!

Last notes:
  • I cleaned my bedroom... because my dressing table had disappeared beneath books, dust, books, dust and did I mention... books. Tomorrow I will tackle the huge basket of ironing in there and have a clothes tidy up.
  • I did lots of leather cutting so expect lots of green themed goodies coming up in the shop.
  • I made a stunning fish pie which everyone had seconds of, and which will now NOT be able to do for tomorrows tea, thus saving me a meal to cook... tut... gluttony...
  • My shoulder is so wizened and scrunched today I feel like one of those mushrooms you sometimes find in the fridge that escaped from their paper bag home of 2 weeks earlier... a tenth of its previous size...
  • I AM now going to have a very long, very HOT shower, make myself a Horlicks and take myself to bed for an early night. I will be chaperoned by my crochet bag and a hotty wotty botty because its turned rather nippy here. Infact whilst Im on the subject of weather... what on earth has happened to Summer? Are we going to have one? Why are we preparing for a holiday when we will be more comfortable at home in the rain?
Im smiling, hope you are too.
Ren x


  1. I am wondering the same - off camping this weekend and next and I just know its going to be wet :( Heyho after last weekends muddy festival it can't be that bad again - can it??

  2. Carrievan sounds great, can't wait to see it, I'd love to paint ours green and yellow, not sure what Vince would say...I'll see if he's convinced by yours!

  3. Ooooh, you're poor shoulder. Hope the bath helps sooth it.

    I commend you on the bedroom tidy up. (I'm looking at my own collection of books, dust, books and dust and it's nice to know I'm not the only one to have been invaded.)

    Can't wait to see the caravan and the new green for the shop.

    I think we here in Canada are hogging up all your summer. We've had an exceptionally warm dry week over here. I'll send the sun back over asap.

    Thanks for sharing......

  4. I truly wish I could send you some of our weather. It is hot as blazes and dry! Cool rain sounds lovely. Wish we could swap for a spell! Your work room looks like a wonderful place to spend time. Hope your shoulder feels better!