New in the shop...

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Ive had so much fun with this last batch! Especially as its nearly the last of the custom orders... I can almost taste freedom...!!! Isnt that naughty of me!!

QUEENIE in UK 6 in pink dragon... 2 pairs of these because I made two left feet and had to cut a second pair.

QUEENIE in UK 3 in rose petal...

BUNTY in fudge in UK size 7...

PUCK in Pink dragon again... UK 6 in the shop...

EDITH in mulberry UK 7, these sold about 5 minutes after I listed them in the shop!
And there were lots of new clutches which I will blog about in a later post...

Wishing everyone a wonderful Friday.

Ren x


  1. Oh my...I know a little girl who would LOVE those Rose Petal Queenies! And though pink is not my colour, I do rather like those Pink Dragon Pucks!

  2. Oh my STARS! They are so lovely, and the colors..just scrumptious! :)

  3. oooh i love the Pink Dragon colour so much~they are all so beautiful :)