More Summer green...

Monday, 25 July 2011

Just grabbed the last of the evening sun as it went down behind the meadow...

Only one more summer green bag to make, which is a BIBSY and all the green is gone...

Pink dragon MER and PAN purses... half a dozen pretties for you...

Last notes:
  • Im not doing very well at present, infact Im not firing on all cyclinders at all. I had yet another Migraine yesterday and spent another day in bed being sick and sore. This followed on from the last one on Friday... grrrrrrrrrr... go AWAY you horrible things.
  • It was so stuffy today but it was dry and Mr F has very nearly finished painting the outside of the Carrievan.
  • Ive nearly finished a really nice scarf for the knitwear section in the shop, I just need to make some nice leather buttons for it.
  • I am itching to watch the new Harry Potter... but am waiting for whole brood to all be in at the same time to actually go!
  • The flies have gone bonkers and apart from ground attack from the wood ants we now have air attack en force too...
  • Mr F put a bigger sprocket onto my Pashley Princess (clover) and she is so easy to pedal now I almost just have to sit there and let her do the work... tea party picnics will now be even less effort than before.
  • I can hardly see across my worktable, MUST clean up tomorrow.
  • Have started new regime for work where I DO NOT switch this life sucky box on till late morning / after lunch. So if I start work at 8 in the morning, which I usually do, I can have a good stint at the sewing machine for a couple of hours...
  • Thats the plan anyway...
  • Bearing in mind that I often make plans and often dont carry them out we shall have to see if it works or not...
Thats all for now! Hope to have some new shoes to show you next time!

Ren x


  1. Lovely pieces and great photos... so sorry to hear about your migraines.. I know the pain of those well. Do you have any lil tricks to help yourself get through? I find alternating between a hot hot washcloth and an ice pack is very comforting, especially if you have someone to get them for you. take care

  2. Hi Ren
    The bags are is my favourite colour....I'm really sorry to hear that you suffer with migraines they can be so I hope you feel back to your normal self soon....You will love Harry Potter..but take a hanky thats all I'm letting on..
    have a good week...
    Love and Light
    Julie xx

  3. Great makes - I love those colours :)

    Sorry about the migraines - as a fellow sufferer I can understand how you feel.

    The boys have been to see HP - they weren't that impressed - missed lots of the story out :( but the 3D effects were good.

  4. Love your bags, gorgeous as always :) hope you are feeling better soon.

    Bee happy x
    Have a delicious day!