Images from the workshop today and NEWS...

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Some of the colours Ive been working on today include... Wild Oak...

Leafy green...

Lipstick and conker...

And the other exciting news is that I have set up a proper mailing list for all of you who would like to know when new stock is added to the shop! I know I do this already via the facebook page BUT everyone on the mailing list will be informed BEFORE I list new items! I know that many of my customers watch for stock in their size or for a particular style and then find they missed out!

So it gives you a chance to snaffle that yearned for treasure before someone else does!
Sign up below...

Ren x


  1. Hi Ren,
    I tried to get on your mailing list but the link wasn't working for me. Im not on Face Book.

    My birthday in a few weeks and I was eyeing off the Pink bag with the Blue Bead but it sold.
    So I'm keeping an eye out for your new bags. I love the green leather.
    I love the yellow bag I bought last year I use it all the time. It has worn so well.


  2. Delicious leathers :D Do I see some cut outs for nibs? I realised that I could do with a pouch for my crochet hooks, but also for a couple of my good drawing pens/pencils and a nib would be perfect :D

    Have fun with your stitching today :D

  3. the wild oak and leafy green is just gorgeous!