I am undone...

Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Well... we have reached that time again where I have had to close the bespoke / custom shoe category. It was to be expected I suppose... I did try to crochet an extra pair of arms and even knitted a new one to replace the currently non working one... but alas, neither worked well enough to reach my high standard of work.

I shall be taking a break from bespoke for a while and am glad of what opportunities this will offer me. Stock is selling out fast and the Fairysteps shelves are being laid bare in places. Empty shops are never nice to look at! So I am looking forward to being able to create all sorts of new treasures for both my website and Etsy shops. The biggest part of my income results from stock sales rather than custom so it wasnt a hard decision really. 

And its that time of year where Im needed by family and home even more than usual (jam pan is calling), so its going to be fun for everyone. Its good to listen to your heart and your own personal needs I think. It helps me to give more somehow. And that selfish little "I want to make what I want to make" artistic bit inside is shouting at me too!!!

Better get back to finishing these orders then... 

Ren x


  1. It's a tough decision, I'm sure, but also so good that you've had such a lot of work :D I understand the need to do your own work though, it keeps the creative process fresh :D Have fun my dear.x

  2. Oh Ren you amaze me. You are always on the go....and must have incredible self discipline...
    So enjoy your time with the family..You are an inspiration..
    Love and Light
    Julie x

  3. Oh I know the sound of that jam pan calling. The fruit is over ripening on the branches and sending me waves of guilt. I have picked the gooseberries and tried to ignore the sulks of the blackcurrants next to them, their time will come.

    My poor lettuces are now three feet high and I must look for a recipe for lettuce soup. So much to do.

    Please tell us when you are doing bespoke again as I have a plan for Winter boots. In the meantime I am so excited about receiving my parcel for my little green shoes that I ordered yesterday.

    Lovely blessings to you.