Horse shows, heat and hooks...

Monday, 4 July 2011
Phew its been hot!!! Saturday was spent at a village horse show 3 or so miles away from home. There was much grooming etc early in the morning. I did the sandwich making and wool gathering... 
And while Middlest went jumping and galloping I sat in the cooker I mean car, and carried on with the caravan cushion panel. This was my view for most of the day... 
Littlest was rather sad because Hazel one of our other ponies couldnt go due to a poorly foot. She has a nasty abscess which after a good clean out, salt water and iodine, is much better now... next year... 
And here you can see the finished sides of panel one which is now complete. 4 squares of panel 2 for the second cushion are complete and as soon as I press 'publish post' Im heading for my sitting room with my crochet hook and my 'Cold Comfort Farm' dvd.

Ive had a long day with work and Littlest being sick all day... Im about ready to flollop!

Ren x


  1. Looks like a blissful evening in store Ren! Hope your little one recovers soon.xx

  2. Oooh I adore Cold Comfort Farm and was going to treat myself to the DVD! Now you've made me want it again :D

    How did your daughter do in the show? Beautiful pony :D Hope littlest feels better soon.x

  3. ps. I've ordered a copy of Mollie Makes so that my crochet obsession can be indulged :D

  4. I love your shoes! Do you sell that version in your store?