Crochet cushions update...

Monday, 18 July 2011

Well now... I am very happy to announce progress on the large cushion twins front...

Yesterday saw me sat here on my front porch with a lap full of crochet watching the rain...

Its bizarre but I always seem to end up wearing colours that Im working with, be it leather or yarn! Mind you the yarn I made the cardigan with that Im wearing in this picture is being used in the crochet...

Glamorous cardboard box that work is being carted about in...

And look! Both panels nearly completed!
In fact, Im happy to say that both panels are completed as of last night with ends all darned in behind. They are ready to mount on the cream cushion covers that i need to make next!

Watch this space!
Ren x


  1. looking good! will it sop raining this week?? Lucyxx

  2. Gorgeous! Your work is beautiful.
    I am slightly jealous of your front porch. It is rather lovely and very much to my liking indeed!xxx

  3. It looks beautiful!.....
    I like the colours you have used.

  4. I am left wondering if you ever sleep...! Sue.

  5. Looks like you are managing to take time out to relax thats good...Love your porch..what a great place to sit and crochet and watch the rain...
    Love your colour combination...
    Julie x

  6. Lovely to see your cushion-in-progress! I'm about to start one soon, I've bought the wool and I'm keeping them in the bag so I don't get TOO tepted to start it before I've finished my patchwork cushion!xx