Wednesday, 1 June 2011

I watched someone making paper to build a house...

I marvelled at how a simple plant like chives can produce flowers that take your breath away... 

I stitched buttons onto a new LOTTIE bag which i cut yesterday in Tangerine and Caramel... It felt so good! I mean I ask you, buttons AND leather, all at once... heaven... 

I found the LOVE blanket started back here lingering in a wooden chest under a pile of wool (fancy hoarding wool... wonder who put that there?). I decided to pop all the DK oddments in a big bag and just work with whatever comes to hand. Its been quite refreshing really! Its growing nicely. Single bed size I think for this one. I shall be adorning it with randomly placed flowers where the squares / rectangles join. May even stitch on a few buttons here and there. 

The flowers will be like chamomile popping up between crazy paving...

Another hour stitching and then its time to cook tea, deliver visitors back to their parents and then a stint with the hook I think.

p.s. Did I mention that Ive ordered some fabric for a few new summer skirts?

Ren x


  1. oohhh i love the 'love' so much!

    i think i might make myself one when i have finished my shawl...just run out of my Rowan alpaca cotton while sitting in the garden *sigh*

  2. Oh I love the look of the Lottie bag. Gorgeous buttons and lovely warm caramel colours :)

  3. Totally love the buttons and leather....

  4. What enchanted observations! So many beautiful things happening 'round your parts!