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Friday, 3 June 2011
I promised to show you all the new skirt fabrics didnt I... I love them all, but I think that the black roses one has stolen my heart the most... Two of them were washed and dried on the line today. The others will be pre washed tommorow...
The new skirt pattern made by Middlest for me was tested out yesterday afternoon. I threw down my shoemaking hat and decided to take a few hours off for some 'me' time. This pattern only took about 80cms of fabric! I LOVE A line skirts best of all. They are so simple and flattering. A no fuss type of affair. My favourites are from Boden, but with a price tag of £60 for a simple skirt that would take one hour to make I cant justify buying them! That whole pile of fabric up there in that frst picture cost me a grand total of £50 from and will make me 6 skirts with enough fabric left for another 3 in a patchwork mix.
I found some bright Tangerine cotton which came from Ikea years ago. And some wonderful wide bias tape which I had a mere 1 yard of. Its so 'Good Life', straight out of my 1970's childhood...
A suitable zip was hunted down and inserted on the back seam...
The bias tape was pinned to the wrong side of the skirt once the side seams were finished...
All done ready to press and turn over neatly to the right side...
The odd shape that was left at the top of the waste fabric looked like it may make a rather good big pocket. I love this quirky shape! I had just enough (remember that just is always enough...) of the bias tape to cover the top of the pocket...
A little Dotty Spottle label had to be stitched on and then it was time to sew the right side of the tape waistband...
All done, lickity spit and neat as a pin...
Time to position the pocket...Isnt it nice how the shape mimics the cut of the skirt...
The pocket tops have a little reinforcing triangle of stitches to make them stronger and able to withstand prolonged hanky stuffing abuse...
Now what can I wear this with? Ah yes... a little pea green on the upper half should work well...
I think it needs more ironing!
Im chuffed as punch that I actually pulled myself together and got on with it! The pattern needs a couple of very narrow darts added for the next skirt to add a smidge more shaping but apart from that its tickety boo... I even managed to reuse the wide stretchy lace which I cut off the bottom of the green vest above as a headband!
I appear to be fondling a breast in this picture! Good heavens! Its just the way my currently handicapped arm sits most of the time since the frozen shoulder started. Funny how the body cradles parts that dont work or are hurt.

I will be making more skirts very soon because I am so desperate for some new ones! I think of all the garments you can make at home the skirt has to be the easiest and most satisfying. A good fit is almost always guaranteed and far preferable than any found in a shop. You can splurge on very special fabrics and still have a bargain plus the whole adventure will only take about an hour so its time friendly too...

Hope you enjoyed it!

Ren x


  1. Ooh - orange! You make me want a tengerine skirt!

  2. Beautiful, I love making tunics for myself, so, so cheap, only 1 metre for a short one and 1&1/2m for a longer one and no zips!
    Sue Xx

  3. Really lovely.I've recently bought 2 skirts from Boden and now I am shamed. ;)xx

  4. Lovely fabric but the link to doesn't work and they are not coming up on Google search. Any advice?

  5. Ignore the last post, its working now. I'm going to have a lovely browse.

  6. Sorry about that chaps! Ive mended that broken link now! Ren x

  7. Oooo you have inspired me to do a little sewing for moi this weekend...i have a pile of lovely vintage bedsheets and fabrics that would make fabby skirts :)

  8. Just Lovely Ren! Its intresting and Nice to see the fabrics that youve choses that show YOU. It is just Lovely! xx

  9. Love it! I have been having fun making aprons and squeezing as much out of as little material as possible. Really want to make some skirts, but I've never tacked a zip insertion, so I guess I'm going to have to bite the bullet and work out how to do it! That fabric is gorgeous, I may have to go browsing...the black with roses one reminds me of my most favourite dress ever...which, being a hoarder, naturally I still have. I wonder if I can still get into it?!

  10. That's lovely!

    I thrifted some vintage sheets the other day to make aprons with, but now I'm thinking one of them would make a lovely little skirt. (I also love Boden skirts but they are a funny length on my short legs!)

  11. oohhh how lovely!
    i keep thinking about making my own skirts~i am so fussy and most shops have clothes i really do not like and the ones i do like are so expensive...i am going to hunt down an easy pattern!!!

  12. Love it Ren. Skirts are fun to make, I've a cut ouut one ready to sew today that I'm really excited about. Love the colour too!

  13. nothing like a trip to the shops and a peek at those tags to get the sewing machine buzzing! Tangerine is such a fun colour. Skirts are sooo comfy and fun! Hope your shoulders gets better. hugs Ali xx

  14. I want an skirt like it!!!
    Tiz xx
    p.s it wonderful

  15. Fabulous skirt Ren :D How many panels did you use, just two or four? I've got some lovely fabric and a couple of patterns, but I'm very nervous about making the actual skirt, doh! You've rekindled my need to make one now :D

    Can you show the patchwork one when you do it please?