The latest hatching...

Tuesday, 21 June 2011
Busy, busy, busy bee me... 
All of these will be posted tomorrow morning to their waiting feet. I then have a batch of 4 new stock shoes to get photographed and listed... I have already started the next batch which includes Moonshines... and a few bespoke bags. 
HOMILY in tangerine for a customer who LOVES orange! I do too... 
EDITH in UK 7 in Toffee Eco Tan leather, these may go into stock... 
BUNTY in jet black, pretties... 
PUCK in ivy green (and the weather was very naughty at this point and made my picture look awful...) 
PUCK again in berry red... 
PRICKLE in pink dragon, made to match the JINKS pouch that this customer bought... They will be sooooo good together that I hope she sends pictures!!! 
Thats all for now folks!

Last notes:
I am knitting every night after my work and enjoying it so much. I shall be keeping Martin Chuzzlewhit company this evening... Nothing beats a big bag of wool and a good period drama!!!

Ren x


  1. ooh the pink dragon coloured ones are just lovely.

  2. I love the shoes...unique and beautiful!

    With love,

  3. oohhhhh!
    a dear friend has a pair of what i am sure are Puck...i just said to oh 'i must go and look at them....'

    can only eventually lead to trouble ;)