Blossom time...

Thursday, 2 June 2011
The front of my house taken 2 weeks ago... every Spring my home disappears beneath blossoms and leaf... 
This little chap sits on my front porch and reminds me everyday that lifes too short to waste... 
Remnants from the Winter remind me that the Summer will end so make the most of it... 
This is the view from my front door into the yard. I sit here on the porch bench in the mornings and drink my first gallon of tea... 
My blue Granny Bonnets are always the first to come up for air in the Spring. They seem to spread like weeds. 
Its not finished but Mr Fairysteps built this new herb bed a month ago now. Its thriving despite how dry it is. The ground is so dry its like cocoa powder. Our water is barely trickling into our catchment ring up in the marsh and Im getting increasingly worried. Its only June for heavens sakes! No water is going to be a really hard slog. Ive been there before when I had two babies in terry nappies and no running water! Not a good place! 
I could stare at Lilac flowers forever... 
Im going to make you look too! 
Blue Geranuims... again, these are like weeds here. 
And of course, Clematis... 
Goodness, theres me in the top garden doing a spot of weeding...

Ren x


  1. What a beautiful home you have, I am so envious (apart from the water situation) beautiful sentiments, stunning views, gorgeous flowers, a fantastic post
    Sue Xx

  2. I concur with what crafts@home above says, what a beautiful garden and home. I am completely envious. My front view is a busy footpath and rows of cars on my street, which my front door opens on to!

    Oh to live in the countryside, or to even have a garden!
    I admire you for making the most of it all and for sharing it with us city dwellers :)

  3. how lovely :) but not the water situation :(

    we have the blue geraniums and what we call columbine like weeds too but anything we let it all come in.
    yesterday i was sitting in my 'nook' with my crochet and cupof tea and spent more time just sitting at looking at all the life around me and lsiten and watch the blue tit ring her babies round to visit...bliss :)

  4. I love the view from your 'tea' chair. It's a great ritual you've developed, a way of centering yourself each morning surrounded by things you love. I'm taking notes! I move into my new home in September. :)

  5. I like the idea of sitting in that porch drinking tea! Your garden is wonderful and that geranium 'weed' I want! I've been trying to grow some from seed but I fear I am trying to hard or something. :)x

  6. Hi Ren - your home is truly magical! Thanks for showing 'us' around :)

    Hope your water situation improves soon - I'd send you some Hebridean rainwater if I could, we've had heaps of it the last week :(

  7. Simply beautiful Ren! So fun to catch a peek at your universe. It seems so lush and bountiful despite the dryness. Do you catch rain in barrels like we do?

  8. As we sat (not too far away from your place)my daughter (6) and I after our picnic in the garden today, we both agreed we live in a lovely place! Enjoy

  9. I love your 'morning tea' spot, Ren! It looks like a perfect place to just sit and be (and drink tea!). I want want WANT that blue geranium, I don't think I've ever seen one before, I'm sure we don't have them here.

    It seems so odd to be commiserating with someone in the UK, of all places, about lack of rain. We finally, FINALLY have got some now that winter has officially started, but I think in the whole of our autumn, we only got about 4 days of solid rain. It's been pretty wet the last few days, but if you dig a few inches down in the garden, you hit bone dry soil. It's sandy soil here too, and gets hydrophobic after the long summer, so even when you dump a gallon of water on it, it just sits there and won't seep in. My garden is completely bonkers, the plants don't know what they're supposed to be doing. My bulbs are all coming up, the almond tree thinks it's spring and has all its new leaves AND is flowering, while the apricot thinks it's still summer and hasn't even started to turn yet...sigh!