Have a little peek at OPHELIA...

Saturday, 21 May 2011
I have been ever so naughty and sneaked a pair of boots for the shop in amongst the orders I am making now... I just had to though... Did anyone else notice that the Bohemian Whimsy collection had no boots on offer???

I know! I noticed too!!!

When I cleaned the Fairysteps studio last weekend I found a roll of this utterly heavenly antiqued tan leather and do you know, I just knew that I had to make boots with it! I wanted to design boots with a real sense of 'am I travelling in time?' about them.

And so I give you OPHELIA... She is curvy, especially on the backstraps, you can just see them there at the side ready to go on. She has a mass of lacing eyes... which will be beribboned and end up looking most fetching. She curves up the front of your lower calf, so is super flattering. She will be soled with a Vibram cleated, cushioned sole with a small heel making her useful for walking around the World in comfort and style...

Shes going to finished and in the shop next week once this batch of orders are packed ready to send!

Happy weekend all.
Ren x


  1. I just fell in love with a pair of shoes...or maybe the cooper...I don't know, either way I am now completely enamored. Thank you. ;)

  2. They look and sound like they will be be so lovely :)

  3. Hi Ren! Thanks for stopping by my blog - have been so busy with jiggling websites I hadn't noticed your comment. Many thanks for the encouraging words re Big Cartel - it's great to hear yours is doing so well :D
    LOVE the sound of these boots BTW!
    Alison x

  4. Wow, they're looking so pretty--can't wait to see the finished results :)